Wine producers who know their terroir

Pierre Launay Champagne has been established in Barbonne-Fayel in the Sézanne region to the south of the Cote des Blancs since 1973. The vineyard comprises 14 hectares with two-thirds in Barbonne Fayel and Broyes (in the Marne department) and the remaining third in Loches sur Ource and Buxeuil in the Cote des Bar (the Barséquanais region). The Launay brothers are driven by the desire to produce very high quality wines while maintaining the characteristics of the terroir. They use eco-friendly methods that respect the environment and constantly seek to improve difficult working conditions in the vines and the cellar.
In 2018, our winery has been certified Sustainable Winegrowing in Champagne, a pledge of our commitment to produce in a sustainable manner respecting the environment.

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