Barbonne-Fayel, the birthplace of the Pierre Launay brand.
The original name of Barbonne-Fayel is thought to be Bar-sous-Bois. Barbonne was allegedly added by a certain Thibault, Comte de Champagne. There is evidence of the Knights Templar, and eventually a Commandery, in Fayel in the early 12th century. The juxtaposition of the two names, Barbonne and Fayel, is thought to date from 1845. A few traces of gates of former fortifications remain in the village : to the north, the Orme (Gué, or ford), to the east, Saint-Antoine, to the southwest, Saint-Jacques and to the west, Saint-Michel. The Launay family (the grandparents of the present owners) settled in Barbonne-Fayel in the 1920s. At that time around 500 Barbonnots (as the inhabitants are called) lived in the village. The terroir in Barbonne-Fayel comprises some 260 hectares of vineyard, the largest in the Côte du Sézannais.