The parcels

The inheritance of the Launay brothers is two-fold : a unique terroir in Barbonne-Fayel and a considerable expertise. A thorough knowledge of this terroir combined with the natural expression of the Chardonnay and the meticulous application of strict methods form the triple foundation stone of Pierre Launay Champagnes. The parcel or lieu-dit known as “Le Désert” the heart of the Barbonne-Fayel terroir, is under their ownership : a south facing chalky outcrop, with clay and limestone soil. An ideal location for Chardonnay. Similarly, the Butte de Saudoy (120m) known as “Chatet”, also south facing, was planted with Chardonnay in 1962. The cuvée Blanc de Blancs extra-brut, the firm’s flagship product, is proof of the balance, maturity and excellence that form the quintessence of this terroir.